| Designing a usable web.

SJA Consulting

SJA Consulting provides small organizations with comprehensive services from website development to IT consulting. Designing a usable web requires a commitment to high standards of form and function. Specializing in developing aesthetic solutions utilizing open-source technologies, we've succeeded in delivering cost-effective systems that are easy to use.

Voices on the Square

Voices on the Square is a virtual town square where everyone can have a voice to discuss the issues that matter to them, share news and information they care about, and find out about various actions across the country. Your power is in your voice! Use it well!


March4Healthcare is a completely spontaneous self-organizing coalition of grassroots and netroots individuals who believe we need to march for our right to healthcare. Join rallies and marches throughout the nation to mobilize the American people and pressure our government into passing a universal healthcare bill with a strong public option.

Tristan Beedon Photography

Tristan Beedon is a Seattle-based fashion photographer with over 15 years of experience. His focus is on the blending of fashion and fine art photography, with an eye toward creating unique yet marketable images that stand apart from the crowd.

Complete Design & Machining

Complete Design & Machining is your trusted partner to design and manufacture custom precision machined parts for the transportation, medical, solar, & semiconductor industries. We have the tools and expertise to make the best quality parts for the best price. Request a quote today to have your parts delivered as soon as possible with the best in quality, value and courtesy.

Bifocal Studios

Bifocal Studios is Seattle-based photographer Tristan Beedon: "Every photoshoot should be an exchange of ideas, with both model and photographer an equal part in the artistic process."

James Hunt M.D.

Welcome to the ophthalmology practice of James E. Hunt, M.D. where experienced staff are dedicated to providing you with quality eyecare. Improving your vision and overall eye health is our priority. We provide wellness exams, educational tools, and advice tailored to your specific situation so that you can make an informed decision as to the best course of treatment for you.

California Advance Technology

California Advance Technology is ready to respond to your quartz, pyrex and ceramic needs, from prototyping to production. Along with manual and CNC machining, our services include lapping, glass-blowing, flame and optical polishing, bench fusing, annealing, sand and bead blasting, and laser cutting. California Advance Technology is also your best resource for repairing damaged quartz components.

Yasuko Kimono

Signature one-of-a-kind designs recapture the artistry and spirit of kimono textile.

Yasuko Store

Original one-of-a-kind clothing. Kimono silk and vintage Japanese textiles. Yasuko's only retail location. A destination for quilters and crafts people. Kimonos, obis, interiors & accessories.

The Office of Joe Evanisko

Joe Evanisko's short stories have appeared in literary journals including Santa Barbara Review, Maryland Review, and The G.W. Review. His fiction has advanced to the semi-final round of the Chesterfiled Writers' Film Project, based at Paramount Pictures and established by Stephen Spielberg's company, Amblin Entertainment. Joe's story, Cuephoria, appeared in River Oak Review in February 2012.

Cafè Europe

Could you believe, amidst the hustle and bustle of Sonoma County, there exists a little piece of Bavaria? With the atmosphere of your grandmother's dining room and the taste of Munich's finest restaurants, you'll believe, too.


Loud Music. Cheap Food. Bad Movies.